Emir Kunt

Bubago Founder & Ceo

Cavit Habib

Bubago Founder

Jak Ferman

Bubago Sport GM



Emir Kunt & Cavit Habib created Bubago Sport with the intention of importing luxury brands into Turkey.


We have established our company in Istanbul, the year we have signed a contract with one of the most respectful and well-known brands of Sweden “Sail Racing”, which has started the journey.


Founded in 2009 to touch people's lifestyles and make business that directs the sector, Bubago is the representative of brands that offer world-famous and alternative frames.


Bubago includes; Sail Racing, Snob Milano Eyewear, DP69 Eyewear, G-Spectacles, Northern Lights Eyewear, Ocean Sunglasses, Electric California, Sun’s Good, Nature of Reality ve Glacial Bottles. The common point of these brands is that they have a sporty spirit that is suitable for a detail, comfortable lifestyle.


Bubago, in accordance with the global marketing strategy of the brands it represents successfully acquiring its mission to reach more people by increasing their awareness and progress in Turkey's market.


The brand is one of the well known companies in the sector with its meticulous efforts in the operational sense, which is committed to making the company say the motto ‘’BU BANA GÖRE ‘’ which is the opening of the company's name.



2009 yılında insanların yaşam tarzlarına dokunmak ve sektöre yön veren işler yapmak üzere kurulan Bubago, dünyaca ünlü ve alternatif çerçeveler sunan markaların temsilciliğini yapmaktadır. 

Bubago içerisinde yer alan Sail Racing, Snob Milano Eyewear, DP69 Eyewear, G-Spectacles, Northern Lights Eyewear, Ocean Sunglasses, Electric California, Sun’s Good, Nature of Reality ve Glacial Bottles markalarının ortak noktası detaycı, rahat yaşam tarzına uygun ve sportif ruhu taşıyor olmasıdır. 

Bubago, temsil ettiği markaların global pazarlama stratejilerine uygun bir şekilde başarıyla Türkiye pazarında da ilerlemesini ve bilinirliklerini arttırarak daha fazla kişiye ulaşmasını misyon edinirken; gözlük kullanıcılarına şirketin isminin açılımı olan ‘’BU BANA GÖRE’’ mottosunu dedirtmek için gönülden uğraşan, operasyonel anlamda da gösterdiği titiz çalışmalar ile sektörde başarıyla anılan şirketlerden biridir.



Dolphin Care’s Air Disinfector is a movable floor unit that uses a three-phase process to disinfect air in patient rooms. The result is an 86-92% reduction in Colony Forming Units, reduction of allergens, and a reduction in bad odors. This safeguards patient health, decreases the risk of health care-associated infections (HAIs), creates a more pleasant environment for patients and staff, and ultimately saves money for hospitals.

The Dolphin Care Chemical Free UV-C Room Disinfector rapidly disinfects contaminated rooms without use of chemicals by radiatingUV-C light from units placed on the floor. This UV-C radiation shines through air and on surfaces, destroying the DNA and RNA of affected bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This includes elimination of:

•MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)

•ESBL producing Gram-negative bacteria (Extended spectrum beta-lactamase)

•Multi-drug resistant strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MDRPA)

•VRE (vancomycin-resistant enterococci)

Washbasin water traps are some of the most contaminated areas in hospitals. For that reason, transmittance of multi-resistant bacteria from this area is increasingly recognized as a threat to patient health and safety.

The easily-installed Water Trap Disinfector uses UV-C light radiation to destroy the DNA/RNA of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, virtually eliminating them from the inner surfaces of the trap.

Experiments done by the Department of Clinical Microbiology at Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitaletin Denmark demonstrated an effective and significant reduction of bacterial contamination in the washbasin water traps

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